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The New Blog Manifesto

1. I will post a minimum of once a week (probably on Mondays).

2. I will try to be insightful and intelligent, raising questions when they need to be raised and submitting opinions for informed discussion. Failing that, I’ll shoot for moderately entertaining.

3. I will not simply shill my books. I’ll discuss my interests, possibly some current events as they relate to my interests or writing. Probably not a lot about my personal and professional (as an editor) lives. But I’ve been known to slip up in those regards.

4. I will keep posts about DOCTOR WHO to a reasonable minimum. I reserve the right to define reasonable.

5. I will not be someone I’m not. This will make some people happy. This will likely vex others.

6. I will endeavor to create a safe, nurturing environment for those who visit and share their thoughts. Intelligent discourse will be treated courteously. Opinions without basis in fact will not. As Harlan Ellison says, “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your INFORMED opinion.” As with ‘reasonable,’ I reserve the right to define fact.

7. I will try not to complain about Twitter and Facebook like Uncle Grumpy Luddite. I will really, really try.

8. I will try to respond to comments. I will fail miserably for the most part. The effort will be more concentrated when trying to enforce #6.

9. I will remain positive, except possibly in those cases where complying with #2 means questioning the ill-informed (i.e. books being banned, etc.). In those instances, I will remain positively enraged.

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  1. Perhaps some of your readers can help transform you from Uncle Grumpy Luddite into Uncle Twitter Lover! It’s worth a shot, right?

  2. Are you suggesting there’s something wrong with Uncle Grumpy Luddite?

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