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You want to hear a scary story?

Last year, I did a lengthy post detailing all the Halloween costumes/themes I’ve been part of at work. I’ve been Edward Scissorhands. I’ve been DEVO. I’ve been Larry Craig. The list goes on. In 2013, our department’s theme was Alice in Wonderland.

And this year’s theme was…  Famous SNL Characters!

Halloween 2014-2

We’ve got Wayne and Garth. We’ve got Mary Catherine Gallagher. We’ve got the More Cowbell Guy. We’ve got Dieter from Spockets. And Hans und Franz are here to pump… up! I am, of course, Hans (or Franz, take your pick). I wanted to come as the Church Lady (my hero) but couldn’t find the right kind of dress.  Boo.

We decorated the aisles of our department in SNL catchphrases (“Well, isn’t that special?” “Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!”) and had a jolly good time. As of this writing, we’re still waiting to hear if we won the best costume contest…..

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