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The games I play

Remember Googlewhack?  That was the game where you entered two, hopefully disparate search terms with the goal of returning one—and only one—hit on a Google search. It’s become harder to do (did you know there are 816,000 hits if you search for cantankerous vortices?) which might be why I don’t hear people speak of it as much.

I’ve created a new game but I don’t have a name for it yet. Maybe you can help me. The game goes like this:

1)      Identify a blogger who is obsessive about checking their stats: number of visitors, from whence their visitors came, and, most importantly, what search terms were used to arrive at their blog.

2)      Google the following without the quotation marks: “[person’s name] eats babies for breakfast.” (The more specific you can be about the person’s name, the better. If they’re an author, put ‘author’ before their name. If they’re a painter, put ‘painter.’  If you know the city where they live, add the city. The object is to get a hit that will take you to their blog.)

3)      Click on any result that leads to their blog.

4)      Sit back and watch that person freak out (on their blog, on Facebook, via Twitter) about the weird stuff people Google to find them.

5)      Repeat with other weird phrases [(person’s name) undulates with saturnine munchkins] for added amusement.

What’s a good name for a game like this?  I feel like ‘evil’ should be in the title….

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  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Congratulations on your book–I’m going to order a copy now!

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