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The Bet Part Deux

It’s that time of year: the Kentucky Derby!  Can you feel the excitement in the air?

No? Me neither. All it means to me is that the Bet is on again!Here They Come(c) Dave

Last year, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Kimberly Pauley,  Andrew Smith and I made a little wager on the ponies. We took our cue from an article where Stephen King revealed he’d once lost a bet to his son and had to write a short story based on a title his son provided.  So we set our own rules: Whoever’s horse came in closest to first got to supply the person whose horse came next with a title from which they had to write a short story. The person in second would supply a story title to the person who came in third. Third place gave a title to fourth and fourth didn’t get to give anyone a title.  All stories had to be posted online for free so all the world would know the ignominy of the losers. (OK, it was really just to entertain readers.) I won and didn’t have to write one (which was good, as I was on a tight deadline and didn’t have time to breathe, let alone write a short story). I’m sad to report I don’t even remember the name of the horse that saved me from this arduous task.

From Andrew, we got “Miss Candor Sends Her Regrets.” (Title supplied by me.)

From Catherine, we got “The Art of Being Stuck Here.” (Title supplied by Andrew.)

From Kimberly, we got “Uncle Mo’s Gastrointestinal  Tract.” (Title evilly supplied by Catherine, a reference to a horse that had to bow out of last year’s race due to…digestive issues.)

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving each of these stories a read. Too much awesome to be had.

We had so much fun that we’re doing it again this year. Lucky you!  Not long after the Derby, there will be three, fresh new short stories for your enjoyment. Once again, we’ve all chosen horses:

Catherine–Union Rags

Kimberly–Creative Cause

Andrew–I’ll Have Another

Brian–Done Talking

So saddle up, pardners. The stakes are high and the yields are amazing.  Stay tuned next week to see who won. (Pleaseletitbemepleaseletitbeme…)

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